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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Exporting to video takes FOREVER!

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I'm trying to use PowerPoint as the basis for developing some e-learning courses and instructional videos. My initial strategy was to use Mix (and I'm still exploring that), but in the meantime, I'm interested in exporting my decks as MP4 videos that I can post to our Office 365 Video portal or Screencast.


The presentation is around 50 slides, some of which contain conventional narration over animation, while the others (probably half) contain a screen recording as a video object. The videos within the deck auto-play, and every slide has timing so they auto-advance.


Here's the problem: when I go to export this presentation as a 1080p video, it takes a FREAKING AGE! I've been sitting here watching it export now for about an hour, and it's only 50% complete. It seems to get exponentially slower as it goes. There shouldn't be much to do here, just sequence the slides into a video stream and save it to a file. I can do the same thing in Camtasia in 6-8 minutes. Any ideas? Thanks!

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@Greg Edwards Did you pause the sync function on your cloud (lower right on taskbar)? Cloud sync slows video rendering. Sync pausing improves performance from extra slow to slow/medium. 

So, time has moved on and I just spent the last 7 hours waiting for my 43 minute video to export. I am here simply to inform others that this issue has not been rectified @Greg Edwards 

Same issue here, mp4 export took forever but there's no bug, only an Intel i5 processor with 8Gb ram and low performance integrated GPU.

86 slides and 4 hours of audio comments (it's a training course) took 7-8 hours to be exported, sometimes it seemed to be stucked for half an hours (!) but then the job has been completed.

I hope this helps, it's a slow process done this way.


I came across this solution by sheer coincidence.

Shortly after starting to create the video file and while doing it, try "save as" for the PPT file.

Just save it to the same location with a different name.

What happens -  at least with me  - is that the video file is immediately complete and ready.

Don't know why and how but works for me.



@Greg Edwards 


Thanks a lot, I'll try asap! have a great day.

I tried @Boaz70's workaround and it does the trick. I didn't even need to actually save the file. Just open the "save as" explorer dialog.