Exportar buzón principal / buzón de archivo a PST

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Good afternoon

I have a ridiculous question, but I hope you can support me !!

I am an IT consultant, my client has an O365 tenant with E1 license and Archive Mailbox for Exchange Online.

If a user is recent, I assign both licenses to them, but my client asked me the following question:

When help desk export mailbox to PST, does the PST file only have primary mailbox or does the PST file have primary mailbox and archive mailbox?

I mean, if I will export a mailbox, in the PST file there may be information with both, or I can specify the type of information to export.

I hope you can support me !!

I was looking for information but I can't find any of interest

Thanks for your help

best regards from Mexico.

PS Sorry about my English, I tried to be very clear

Luis Reyes 
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It depends on what you configured during the Export, if needed you can export both the primary mailbox and the archive mailbox content to PST.

Hi Vasil
I'm using O365 tenant and the Exchange to export the mailbox and then, I go to in place edescovery & hold section on Exchange Online.
But when I try to export a mailbox, Exchange Online doesn't allow to choice if It only export archive mailbox or primary mailbox.
So, I think if I export a mailbox to a PST file, It will has both information (primary and archive).

That's correct or I need to do any more?
Only, I would to like to know if I could export archive information by separated

I hope that you could support me
Thanks for your help!!
Luis Reyes

Right, you never mentioned eDiscovery in the original post, so my reply doesnt reflect that. Yes, with eDiscovery you get the entire content of the mailbox exported. If that's the method you want to use, you can select the "individual messages" option, which will download the folder structure of the mailbox locally, and then you can select just the Primary mailbox or the Online Archive content.


Or, you can do the export via Outlook, which is what my reply above was pertaining to. With the Export functionality in Outlook, you can select either the primary mailbox or the archive.