Export PST File using PowerShell from Cloud Exchange Mailbox Compliance Search

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I have a powershell script that I use for Disabling user accounts. We have a hybrid on-premises Active Directory synchronizing with Azure Active Directory and O365. This script performs:

- New-ComplianceSearch

- Start-ComplianceSearch

- New-ComplianceSearchAction

At this point in the process I would like to have the capability to Export the PST file directly to a local SMB/UNC path on-premises. I know there is currently no powershell cmdlet available to do this but at this time MUST use the web interface to copy the Export Key and use the eDiscovery Export Tool. 

This is an EXTREMELY unfavourable way of doing this. We would like to be able to do this directly in PowerShell. We have MFA login connected to ExchangeOnline why can we not just export/download the PST passed an Export Key or some other cmdlet to get it? This is very time consuming and is slowing down our Off-Boarding process. This is my vote for adding this capability to PowerShell.


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So its any possibility to have any scripts and command to add local pst from (Outlook) to cloud office 365 and these are we can access easily from any devices over internet.


I would recommend following this guide if migrating multiple mailboxes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/mailbox-migration/mailbox-migration.

As far as scripts to perform a migration of a single PST file from On-Premises Outlook to O365, it's not a single script activity. I would recommend the above and search/go from there.