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I have a question about exchange online shared mailboxes.
I have recently implemented an exchange online with about 50 mailboxes.
The users are only on o365 there is no synchronism with AD.
Users are using the latest version of office 365 professional plus.
When I receive an email in outlook on the shared mailbox and I reply all, the address of the shared mailbox is also put in the recipients.
The same thing happens even if I give full access privileges on a normal mailbox.
I have seen that outlook behaves the same way even with an exchange on prem.
In practice, by replying to all from a shared mailbox, the email address of the shared mailbox is also entered in the recipients.
Is there any way to avoid this behavior?
Thank you
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How are you adding/accessing the mailbox? 

@Vasil Michev 

To reproduce the problem just make an outlook profile with the main mailbox plus a shared mailbox or with another normal mailbox.
The shared mailbox is mapped to outlook automatically when I give it full access and send as permissions as well as another normal mailbox that has been given those privileges.
The problem is that in this configuration both with exchange online and with exchange on premises, if you reply all from an email received on the shared mailbox, the address of the shared mailbox is also added.
Searching the internet I found several users complaining about this behavior and there seems to be no solution.
These are the posts I found where this behavior is reported:

[SOLVED] When replying all from shared mailbox, Outlook adds that mailbox in the To field - Spicewor...

I tried on different exchanges on premises on different online exchanges and the behavior is always the same.
However, such behavior seems absurd to me.
Some idea?
Is this behavior normal?


Thank you



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You can simply add the mailbox as additional account (File > Add account). 

@Vasil Michev 

OK thanks

This is possible with normal mailboxes but not with shared mailboxes.
So I imagine that it is not possible to delete from the reply to all of a shared mailbox the fact that it is added as a recipient automatically.

It's possible with any type of mailbox as long as you have Full Access permissions on it. Just enter *your* credentials when prompted.

Ok thanks

Hi @pazzoide76, if you are running Outlook on Windows you can try to use TuneReplyAll add-in to solve the problem.   

@Victor Ivanidze 

Hi, i will try this software.


Thank you

Hi pazzoide76, did you try?

@Victor Ivanidze 


In the end I didn't try the software.
I solved add the shared mailboxes by hand.

@Victor Ivanidze 

BTW. I recently had a client with this complaint also.
Directly adding the shared mailboxes did not resolve the issue, but that add-in did.


on a side note, they also complained about not being able to search all mailboxes (4 in total) from the main search bar, to resolve this we did the following,


In Outlook:

“File” > "Account Settings" > "Account Settings" > "Change" > "More Settings" > "Advanced" tab > untick the "Download shared folders" box;
restart Outlook.
When you search, enter your search word, and select the down arrow, and select “all outlook Items”

Hi @Deman30,

so your client decided to use TuneReplyAll? Did they buy it?

@Victor Ivanidze 

I have left that with them, we wont be managing that. 

I advised that they review the terms of use etc.
But yeah, they will trail it and make a call.


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You can simply add the mailbox as additional account (File > Add account). 

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