Exchange hybrid setup

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I'm getting ready do migrate from an on-prem exchange 2010 environment to office 365.  I'm planning on setting up a hybrid environment so I can gradually migrate my mailboxes.  I went through the planning wizard and it recommends adding a exchange 2013 server before I run the hybrid wizard.  Is there a reason I couldn't do a 2016 exchange server instead?

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Hi @Christopher Olson,


Is you can use Exchange 2016 and is recommended by your environment.


At what step have the wizard recommend it ? Can you share the screenshot ?

It was when I was going through the deployment assistant.  

Hi @Christopher Olson,


I went through the wizard and I have selected 2013 and then in the instructions has shown the 2013 setup.

But if you start over the wizard and select that you are planning 2016 hybrid it will show you the Exchange 2016 instructions.

Thanks for the help.  I started with tool by selecting 2010 because that is what we currently have deployed.  The selection recommend adding 2013.  I see now if I start with 2016 I can still select 2010 as the current exchange server.


Thanks again.