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Excel User Form

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I have Created a program that has sucessfully used a Form to enter data for several years. Recently as soon as the Form is in Focus i receive an debug Form that states

Run-time error '-2147417848 (80010108)':

Automation error

The object invoked has disconnected from its clients


Can anyone help with a solution as this has only just started to appear over the last few days. I have other forms which are not affected in the same program

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Can you upload a copy of the workbook so that we can investigate the issue.
Hi Doug
If I can give you a brief summary I use the program to upload wildlife sightings to a database which is also an Excel Workbook. The different Butterfly, Moths and Dragon fly Species are held on a nother File, so the Workbook opens, writes and saves to two Files. As the error claims that the client was disconnected. I added the Specie data to the main Workbook, so the Workbook that originally held the Specie data was causing the problem of Client disconnected . I would be quite happy to send the Workbook and the code if you still require it. I also use variable to use as a specific Workbook Worksheet detail. Hope this throws a little more light on the subject
I gather that you have worked around the problem by moving the Specie data to the main workbook. Unless there is some reason for wanting to keep it in a separate workbook, there is probably little point in trying to determine the cause of the issue.
Thats not really found the cause though, the program has to open several more files i would have major problems if i had to incorporate them into the main program, do you not think
Without more information on the various files that need to be access, it is not possible to determine if they really need to be separate files and\or what drawbacks there might be from having all of the data in the one file. If you can provide more information and a copy of the files, I will provide you with a considered opinion of what you might do.