Excel Restricting Access to Files

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Hi there, 


Having trouble with a few files, the access to them is restricted via Active Directory to specific users, those users cannot access the files today, even the creator of the file, they just recieve a message saying "configuring your computer for information rights management" then to sign in with an microsoft account, after attempting to do this you're met with "you are not signed in to Office with an account that has permission to open this workbook. You may sign in a new account into Office that has permission or request permission from X@domain.co.uk"  


Even the user displayed to request permission from cannot access.


Was able to replicate the issue by creating a new workbook, going to File, Info, Protect Workbook, restrict access, pick a user, send them a link to the file and they are met with the same issue.


Any help would be great thanks

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