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In my Country the standard for the decimal separator is dot, but in our Office 365 environment every excel file we have uploaded changes from dot to comma as a separator when working online on the file.


As far as i know, such issues are related to country and/or language settings. But neither setting the language in outlook nor setting the language under my profile helps.


Does anybody may have other ideas how to solve this problem, which affects all my users?



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You can set this in Excel by going to Format Cells-Number-Custom. 

Hi Hunter


Thanks for your help and advice.


In Excel online i'm able to open the context window for cells number customization, but doesnt allow my to add custom number formats.


So the case keeps beeing strange, as the original file, which was produced locally keeps showing the dot as separator even after downloading it back down from onedrive (or sharepoint).

@Michael Lattrell 

Where you ever able to fix this problem? I would like your advice on this.



Excel Online takes separators in accordance to regional settings for your OneDrive/SharePoint site where the file is kept. Please try to change your locale here. If you are on business account that's within site settings, for personal one within your account.

@SergeiBaklan @srivasinstax


You can use Control Panel > Region > Additional Settings > Decimal Symbol

@MarcAnderson Hi, I don't have that option in online excel 

Hi @betooonc - it's a Windows setting, not an Excel setting.

Click Start, type "control", select Control Panel App, select Region, select Additional Settings.

At the top of the list, is "Decimal symbol:" with a drop-down selection of 4 options: point, comma, space and apostrophe.  Select the option you want and select "OK" to close Additional Settings and select "OK" again to close Region...


In Excel for web regional settings are  under File menu here


Has anyone managed to solve this? 


It's not a Windows setting - or rather, you can change the Windows setting and it will work in the desktop version of Excel, but there seems to be no way to change it in the ONLINE version of Excel. Emphasis on ONLINE.

@Sergei Bakla Sergei is wright. Change the regional settings to your country setting and it will change the decimal separator to match your regional setting. In my case I had Spanish (Spain) setting. I changed to Spanish (México) and it worked. I hope it works for you.