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All the questions about this were from a while back,  anyone ever figure it out?  I've been in a ton of forums.  They all say click the review tab.  Pictured.  No notes. Shift+F2 brings up comments.  Right clicking, comments only.  Are they called something else now?  I need to be able to resize the popup for text entry. Thanks. 

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Hey, If i am understanding it correctly, It appears that your are using the excel web version, there are quite a few options missing in the web version, try using the excel desktop.

Web Version SS: 




Desktop APP: 





@harveer singh correct. I have a sheet ready in the desktop version I'm supposed to share with a group for review through that system, but it wrecks the formatting when I upload it.  Ugh.  Guess Im stuck with it,  thanks for your response. 

@IHateOneDrive : I see what you are saying, excel online doesn't handle the notes/comments section same as the desktop app, but i think it should preserve the formatting still, it won't be able to process it in the web version but when people view the shared document in excel desktop application instead of the web they should be able to see the formatting, is that not the case ?



@harveer singh  Haven't tried to have them open it separately.  As always, the way the boss wants it to work (online review on Teams with live editing to a shared doc) and the way it actually does are 2 different things :)  Thanks!