Excel graph colours - how to highlight one item across several graphs at once

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Hi all.


I'm testing 20 or so products across a range of benchmarks, each with its own graph. Creating the graphs is straightforward, but formatting colours etc seems to be very time consuming as there doesn't seem to be many ways to format several graphs at once.


The biggest issue is that every time I create new graphs, there is a single product or products that I want to highlight - in this case a bar chart - with different bar colours. At the moment I'm having to manually change the colour for every bar for that particular item in every graph. Is there any way to tell Excel that a particular product name in the data should have a specific colour for its bar in all the bar charts in a particular workbook?

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Hi @AntonyL 


You need to use some external data visualization add-in for Excel.

I would recommend you ChartExpo™ for Excel.
You don't need any coding skills to fix one color on any product.

Microsoft Store Link: https://chartexpo.com/utmAction/MTErTVRDK3hsK1NCK01TT0ZUQ01UKwo=


All the best!