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I have not new able to get an answer to my query.I have tried to find who to contact in Microsoft but there is no direct contact point. If the standard answers do not give you what you require you are directed to the community which I have done a few times now and had no answer. I have tried the help chat line but nobody answers despite saying I am 1st in the queue. I found a number to ring in USA but ut state they were unavailable for technical reasons. I just don't know where to go. My query is:_

I have recently downloaded office 365 on my Mac book Pro, having replaced my desktop PC for the Mac. I have office 2019 on my notebook pc which I will be continuing to use regularly.

I also have 2 copies of Home & Business Office 2013 (with obviously 2 licence numbers) which I had for each of my notebook and desktop in the past.

On my Mac I will be using excel and word only and I need the ability to update excel and word files and create new ones. I will not be using powerpoint, one note or the outlook app on my Mac. Therefore it seems a huge expense for me to subscribe to Office 365 on my Mac for little use. I am due to pay for 365 (following 30 day trial ) on April 11th, and I would like to know if it is possible to download (eg. from the apple or Microsoft app store ) and app purely giving me access to excel and word on my Mac. Alternatively is it possible as I am no longer using Home & Business 2013 to somehow download that for my Mac with the license number I hold?

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