Excel 365 Native Database Query Warnings

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I have searched far and wide and there is currently no one on the entire Internet that has answered this question yet:


In Excel 365, how do I get to Options-->Security in order to suppress the warning you get stating "Native Database Query"?  I have about 25 Postgresql queries on 25 different Excel tabs.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I want to update my date parameter, it asks me 25 times if I am aware I am running a native database query.


Can someone please help me?  There are no instructions anywhere on how to do this in Excel 365...only how to do it in EVERY OTHER VERSION of Excel that has ever existed.





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Same here.  I added a few parameters tied to Excel cell values, and it asks me this every time.  My Excel document was designed for some database-read-only people.  It's lame that they have to freak out every time they see a bunch of SQL code and a warning whenever they change a parameter.  I wish some simplified solution would be created by MS for using cell-originating query parameters.

Hi Joel


Kindly follow the steps given below to suppress the warning that you are getting "Native Database Query".


Open Excel - Click on Data - Get Data - Query Options. Once you click Query Options you will get another Pop up Window - Select Security - You will get Native Database Queries - uncheck "Require user approval for new database queries" & click on Ok.


You may refer to the screen shots below - 

Excel Query.JPGexcel Query 2.JPGexcel Query 3.JPGexcel Query 4.JPG




Robin Nishad

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OK, thanks.



@Robin Nishad : Since this is a Global setting, I'm guessing this only applies to local machine and it should be set on all machines that will open the workbook?


If so, anyone know what is the registry key and what it should look like?



@Pascal Bellerose 

This page has an answer about RegKeys.



Thanks for this simple set of screen shots!  Spent an hour looking for this.

Hi HAnsWS,

We have moved our native Queries on Power BI Service so we won't be needing this setting anymore.
But thanks for the link, I'm sure it will be helpful to others