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please use O365 at work. We have in the directory rooms (rooms) and cars (Equipment). When I create a meeting request, I select the ALL Rooms group from the Address List, so I see the list of rooms. I tried to add a selection of items to the global directory - the list is empty. We've used these queries, but they don't work:

((Alias -ne $ null) -and (((RecipientDisplayType -eq 'EquipmentMailbox') -or (RecipientDisplayType -eq 'SyncedEquipmentMailbox'))))

((Alias -ne $ null) -and (RecipientTypeDetails -eq 'EquipmentMailbox'))

The question is how do I add a list of cars (Equipment) to the All address list?

Alternatively, please, how can I centrally use a policy, for example, to create a calendar for all users in Outluk that will contain specific cars?

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Apart from "All Rooms", you should see an "All equipment" address list, this is where they should appear. If you added/modified and address list, keep in mind that objects in Exchange Online need to be "touched" for their membership to ALs to be updated:
Thanks for the reply, your type was great.
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