Enable “Targeted Release” in Office 365 to receive updates first (formerly known as "First Release")


In Office 365 admins can choose how their company or individuals in the company receive updates.


While the default option is our “Standard release” and updates are pushed to your tenant as they become broadly available, you can also opt into the “Targeted release” option (formerly known as First Release). In the latter case you and your users will be the first to see the latest updates and can help shape the product by providing early feedback.


For full details on the release options and how to change them, please refer to this article: Set up the Standard or Targeted release options in Office 365

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Do you happen to know if there is a report or log of the changes that are made to this setting? We had an instance where we had it set for a few users selected for Targeted Release and it mysteriously got changed to "All Users". All of the Global Admins have denied changing it.

Hi @Kim Kischel


Can you explain exactly what components are affected when enabling Targeted Release?


We are looking to enable Targeted Release Organization wide to enable some new features for a SharePoint Online Communication Site.  I want to make sure this won't be a drastic change.  Our users aren't heavy users of the Office Online or 365 Portal experiences, so I'm not too worried about enabling the latest features.



Did this question ever get answered? I haven't been able to find a good explanation if setting "Targeted for some users" is just Office Pro-Plus or SharePoint, etc.. as explained in the documentation. Seems like it can't possibly be those services (SharePoint, Exchange, etc.) if they're deployed.  @Joe McGowan @Kim Kischel