Embed videos from sites other than YouTube

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Hi there, 


I'd like to embed videos from sites other than Youtube, like Vimeo for example. Appears as though this was taken away at some point (I havent done it in years). 


Is there a place to request?

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So, that's weird. PowerPoint still provides the UI to add embed codes under Insert > Media > Videos > Online Videos, but it's clear from this Office support page that the only format supported right now is YouTube. I'd wager it's a copyright concern. If you want to use videos from online sources, then you can probably download them and then insert them as local video from your PC.


The support page says you should add suggestions for other services on UserVoice.


Yeah, except I don't want to do that. There is a benefit to have the load be on bandwidth, not file size. Hoping they change it soon.