emails missing from my Inbox

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Hi, I'm hoping someone may be able to help.


Our corporate email account at work uses Office 365 and the Microsoft Exchange server.


Recently I noticed my Inbox is missing most emails prior to May of this year. There are a handful which  extend back to October 2017, but May is the last time that all emails sent to me are still in the Inbox. I've been working here since 2010 and I can positively say that earlier in the year I has access to all mails going back as far as that.


Strangely, executing a search brings them up with no problem and when I hover the mouse pointer  over the emails to see where they are being stored it just says "Inbox".


I have an Archive and an Archive1 folder. I've checked and they are both empty. Nor are they in the deleted folder, junk or any others that I can see.


As I say, I seem to be able to retrieve them by doing a search, but I'd like to be able find them in the folders so I can view them in context of everything else that was happening at the same time.


Are there any settings or options I may have inadvertently changed? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Go into your account settings and check if you have the cached mode on and in that case if it’s set for a number of month back!
Also try to turn off cached mode just to see if you can see the mails!

Hi Graeme,


To follow up from Adam,


1.) Are they in OWA (the web version of the mailbox at

2.) In OWA, if you select recover deleted items are they in there?

3.) In OWA, can you see an archive at all (if you have a Business Office 365 Plan and a Business version of Outlook/Office you may see them in the archive online, but not in Outlook itself)


Let us know,


Best, Chris

There are several options here:


1) messages are in your Online Archive, in which case all you need to do is click on the entry in Outlook's nav pane end expand the Inbox folder

2) messages are in some PST file you've attached to Outlook

3) messages are "hidden" either by corruption of the local cache or the mailbox itself, This is the toughest one to troubleshoot so best exclude all other possibilities first.


In any case, when you do a search simply add the additional "In folder" column, which will show you where exactly the result is coming from.


Searching via OWA should also help clear things up as suggested above.

can you see those email by logging in OWA (outlook web access), try to see in deleted item folder, if it is there recover it,
do you have any inbox rule configure in outlook,