email word document straight to microsoft 365 webmail

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I have a user who received a Word document he had to fill in. Afterwards he wanted to email the document directly from Word to his Microsoft 365 webmail using File > Share > Email.

When he does this it keeps trying to open Outlook desktop which has not been configured, he prefers MS365 Webmail instead.

Can this be setup to work?



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Yes, it's possible to configure Microsoft Word to use Microsoft 365 webmail instead of the Outlook desktop application for sending emails. Here's how you can do it:

1. **Open Word Options:** In Microsoft Word, go to the "File" tab and select "Options" at the bottom left corner of the window.

2. **Mail Settings:** In the Word Options dialog box, select "Mail" from the left-hand menu.

3. **Choose Webmail Service:** Under the "Mail" settings, look for the "Compose messages" section. Here, you should see an option to choose your default email program. Select "Microsoft 365 webmail" or "Webmail service" from the dropdown menu.

4. **Save Changes:** Click "OK" to save your changes and close the Word Options dialog box.

Now, when your user uses the "File > Share > Email" option in Word, it should open a new email message using Microsoft 365 webmail instead of attempting to open the Outlook desktop application.

If your user still encounters issues or if the option to choose webmail service is not available, make sure that they have the necessary permissions and configurations set up in their Microsoft 365 account. Additionally, ensure that their web browser is set as the default email client in the operating system settings.



I thought you have change from WORD to Email by mentioned method