Email signature outlook problem?

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I designed the email signatures for the company I work, I'm using my macbook pro and I'm trying to understand how outlook works, the thing is that now after creating the signature and sending it on an email my boss says he sees a white box with numbers, tried sending an email to my personal email and to a coworker and the signature appears just fine, my boss insists that its a matter of my configuration, so any solutions? we uses windows and an iPhone, the problem appears only in the emails I send him in both his PC and his phone. And no I can't ask him anything about his configuration or even imply that it's his please help me. My outlook version: 16.51 

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Hi @polilita,


It's almost impossible to create a company email signature by yourself that will work and display correctly on different devices. If you want your signature to work well, use a professional email signature generator with Outlook integration. For example, Newoldstamp has the one, and you can automatically create signatures for all employees without the IT and design departments.