Email sent to and Exchange online resource is being auto-deleted.

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First, we're in a hybrid environment and have been that way for a few years.  Everything has worked great, until about a month ago. At that time, email sent to resources started being auto-deleted.  Calendar meeting requests still work fine, but messages sent to the resources are being deleted.  This is not happening to all resources (yet), only a few.  Has anything changed in Office 365 to cause this change in behavior?


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It's an option of the resource mailbox:


Set-CalendarProcessing roommailbox -DeleteNonCalendarItems $false


For more info refer to the cmdlet help:


In addition, you might want to check for rules, both Inbox and Transport ones.



Thank you for the script.  But, within 24 hours of my posting, everything started working as normal. Makes me think Microsoft did something on the backend.



@Vasil Michev Thanks a lot mate! You saved me some precious time. Cheers

You're a savior!
Worked like a charm!

@Paul Long 


Did you have a chance on message trace?



Message Trace didn't help me solve the issue.