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Hello everyone


I just have a question on how to do this.

Current I have a form that is set up that can be used by anyone in the org. However I have it built so that it sends as if they were sending it aka "as responders email"


However doing that means I have to ensure that the user submitting has send as permission as me. Or vice versa (sorry forgot which way it was not).


That being said, I have over 250 users in my org (and growing), and need to give permissions to everyone to be able to use this form and it send as if they sent it. So that when I reply, it goes to them and not the email that the form is attached to.


How can I do this on a org level, instead of going into each and every single mailbox setting and setting the send as manually.


I hope I made send, and thank you in advance for your ideas, and help.


Hope to hear from someone soon!

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Start by telling us how are you actually sending the messages. Most mail systems have some form of "impersonation" that can help you in such scenarios, in Exchange world that's EWS impersonation. Others will just plain "spoof" the sender or add a reply-to header, etc. Such solutions should generally be only used for internal delivery, and even then some extra care should be taken.

@Vasil Michev 


Not sure what you mean. We are using M365, and only that for everyone. No on prem servers or the like.


This is the flow for send an email (v2)



Well in this case you are using Flow, so check the documentation of whichever connector you are using and see which methods are available.