Effects of editing Organization profile

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The company I work for are considering editing the company name in the Microsoft 365 administration centre, as described in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/admin/manage/change-address-contact-and-more?view=o36...


I am aware that this can trigger a need for users to re-syncronize their OneDrive in File Explorer. Apart from this, the other effects described in the article I linked to above, is desired effects for the company. 


However, we are looking into whether editing the company name could trigger any unforeseen and unwanted side effects. As an example, the tenant has some third party software currently using Azure AD for access rights. 


Looking for any experience anyone have had editing the company name, and whether there are any effects that could complicate use of the tenant, and/or confirmation that this is only affecting the elements described in the article. 

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Changing this has no effect, it's only used for display purposes. If users care that much about the new name, they can reconfigure OneDrive, but synchronization will continue working all the same.
Another effect, which I have been trying to resolve, is that the old company name appears in the search box of Microsoft Edge. This happens for all users of the organization.
@icthus... The problem is with the Browser Cache. Are the systems connected to company network and is the periodic Security updates for the browser turned on as I do not think a manual cache refresh will work.