Ediscovery PST read-only?

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I haven't been able to find anything that says whether a PST downloaded through e-discovery can be edited or not. I've been advised that DoD prohibits it but want to be certain. Can anyone advise?


Regardless of DoD policy, I should think it would be standard policy for all e-discovery that PSTs cannot be altered or edited in any way.

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To my understanding, it is yes, one of the reasons is compliance fulfillment



Thanks for the reply. You're saying yes, you believe it is read-only? I've searched and searched and haven't found anything stating so. However, in the online Learning pages you see this line...

"After search results are exported to a PST file, you or other users can open them in Outlook to review or print messages returned in the search results."

Which would lead me to believe (hope) the file is read-only.


Thanks again


No, PSTs are not read-only, every user that has access to the PST can mount it in Outlook and make changes to it.
Thanks for the reply.