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eDiscovery, Infinie Hold.

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Hey Team, 


I have a question about eDiscovery Holds in office 365. We have 3 mailboxes that need to be placed on hold, all content is requested to be held for the near future (migration).


  • Create an infinite hold where all content in the specified locations is placed on hold. Alternatively, you can create a query-based hold where only the content in the specified locations that matches a search query is placed on hold.


In this link it says that i can place an "Infinite Hold" however i cannot find any option for infinite holds? and the document doesn't say anything about actually placing the mailbox on infinite hold. 


Any ideas? On how i might place the entire mailbox on hold, also, litigation hold will not work in this scenario. 






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While going through the eDiscovery process you get an option to put whatever you’re discovering on hold.

Alternatively if you want the whole mailbox put on litigation hold to preserve content, you can also use EAC or PowerShell, for instructions see the link below.

THanks for the response. I am familiar with litigation hold, but in this case that wont work as theses are shared mailboxes. What i am trying to figure out is how to place an infinite hold using the link i provided.

DO you know how i might do that?


@Robert Bollinger The only other option would be to go to, under Solutions select eDiscovery -> Core, create a new eDiscovery case, once created select the Hold tab and create a new hold for the shared mailboxes. Don't close or delete the case.


That's about it when it comes to the various possibilities for creating holds.