Draft emails sitting in outbox

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Hi all,


I have an odd problem with a user on office 365 email.  Somehow draft emails are sitting in the outbox. The user is concerned that the emails have not been sent. I checked and the emails have been sent, and also there is a time/date in the "sent" column in the outbox folder. 


I know they are draft emails because the icon next to the message is the paper with blue pencil.

There are a few mysteries here....

How can a draft email be in the outbox, with a sent date? 

If a draft email is sent, shouldn't it go to the sent items, with no icon (no icon is what a sent email has)?

Any explanations as to how the emails could get there if the user didn't think they put them there?


I have run audit reports in the compliance tool for message move for this user/mailbox and can't find anything message moves to the outbox.


Any ideas?

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