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Domain is on Godaddy but email is hosted by Gmail

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I purchased our domains through Godaddy and that is where they are still registered, however, the email is hosted by Gmail. My office wishes to migrate everything to Microsoft 365. We only have 2 users so it should be easy but I am concerned that having  the hosting split as it is will create issues. One of my users has massive psts files and uses Outlook as his home for everything. Currently it is all on his desktop and connects to Gmail through imap. The other user logs into Gmail directly and keeps no email on her desktop. We have no file servers. Both users keep all their files on their desktop. I'm not too worried about the files. We can migrate them later. It's the email that has me concerned.  Can  you tell me what I should do to make sure we have a seamless migration?

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Hi @Thepatv ,


In your case I would use third-party solution for migration (example, Bittitan), it's $12-15 per user. Depending what you want to migrate. 


The user with Webmail, you should not worry. Whatever is in the webmail will be migrated to Microsoft 365.


However, the user with desktop application (Outlook), you should check if those emails in PST files are in the Gmail or only on his computer. If they are in the cloud (Gmail), you can go ahead and do migration. If not, you can import those pst files after migration to Microsoft 365. 


Since the user is connected with IMAP protocol, it should be all there, but I don't know the environment, user might have some old PST file opened.


That should be it. If you need help or questions, message me. I'll be happy to help.