Domain A-Record settings, 365 Bus Basic


I have a Microsoft 365 domain setting issue (I suspect) with an 'A Record' that is preventing access to my company's website and web-based work order system.

Our web hosting company changed our website's IP address without notification.


In the MS 365 Domains, Manage DNS, there is not a slot to input an 'A Record' (to redirect website visitors to our website's new IP address)


Our domain registrar has only DNS servers set, no other zone settings:




MS must have the A-Value, is this true?

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I just found the Custom Records section of the Domains, accidentally.

The Microsoft instruction page (below) explaining where the Custom Records section is, is incorrect.



I was backing out of 'Let MS setup your domain records for you' when the Custom records screen appeared.  The Custom records page has ALL of the domain's DNS record values and setting, and they can be edited and saved.