Does O365 E1 have Online Archiving?

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Does O365 e1 have Online Archiving?


I enabled Archiving in 1 e1 user



I thought archiving is for E3 only



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You are correct, E1 also have the archiving can see this in the EXO limits page:

E3 (and above) is the *unlimited* archive, E1 user can use the Online archive just fine.



Just wanted to clarify if anyone else is googling this -- you can NOT enable online archive on E1 without paid add-on subscription.


Ref 1: ("The storage quota for the archive mailbox is 1.5 TB for users with an Exchange Online Plan 2 license or for users who have both an Exchange Online Plan 1 and an Exchange Online Archiving license") E1 includes Exchange Online Plan 1.


Ref 2: ("Cloud-based archive and in-place hold as an add-on for the following plans: [...]
• Office 365 E1")