Documenting office 365 structure and record changes

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Namaste All,


I'm using office 365 with 45+ users.


I was wondering if there is any automatic way to document and record any kind of changes users or admin does, so far I was doing it manually and it's time-consuming and doesn't cover everything. 


Documentation (examples)


  • Users details 
  • Shared account details and who have access
  • Alais
  • Groups
  • Distribution list

etc etc 


I'm sure people do keep documents, and there would be a way. 


I would be very thankful if someone can direct me into right direction. 





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Have you looked into the audit logs? You can export this info and build your documentation

Hi @adam deltinger thanks for your input, I did actually and I can see lots of stuff. Is there any way I can automatice some of the reports whenever there are changes and add those changes to the master record file or something like that ..? 



The audit logs are accessible via PowerShell or the Graph API, so you can build your own solution around that. Flow should be possible as well. It all depends on what you mean by "automate".