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Would anyone know if it is at all possible to create a template from a document library within the Modern Team sites , There is no option to create a template from within document library setting and trying with SP Designer it does not work.




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Yeah...that option is "hidden" in the modern document libraries, but you can grab the Url you need from a classic document library...indeed the page you have to use is _layouts/15/savetmpl.aspx?List=<List_ID> The List ID you can have from accessing the document library settings page. I tried this approach and I was able to save a document library as template, but when I wanted to use later for creating a new document library in the site, I could not use the template created.

By the way, if Microsoft has decided to hide this option is because you should look for other way to save a library as template...and to me it's clear that the way to go is by using the PnP stuff.

Dear all,

PnP can be used by Developers or admin, but not by a basic site owner which can have autonomy to adapt the site with his needs.

The case is classical in my tenant with site owner who are doing complex list with many columns and want to duplicate it per "Year" or "Supplier" or "Customer"

So without that SaveasTemplate option, Microsoft transfered that job from Site owner to SharePoint support team.


PS: The list.SaveAsTemplate option exist in PowerShell script via CSOM nativaly.



Did you see any documentation in how to provide users a "Template" in modern SharePoint lists with PnP?


I think at creating a new list in a modern site, the option to choose a template is completely missing or am I wrong? This is why Bradly was not able to choose the created template?


May it be possible to create a list from an Excel or something as a workaround?

Using Sharepoint Online...trying to find this so I can deploy either a new default library or have a few templates to choose from so we can rollout annually and as needed. Any updates?