Do Not Allow External Domain Skype Communications - Is this still valid?

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In the middle of setting up our package as near best practice as possible. We are managing this just through research and asking questions etc. We don't have a trained M365 person.

Small company 20 users M365/Intune.


From the things I have read Do Not Allow External Domain Skype Communications Is considered best practice.


But if its due to be discontinued soon (2021) is there any point in me worrying about it?


And is there a similar setting in Teams I should be considering?

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@Jeremy_Heath Hello, you should definitely go for Teams-only mode if you're about to adjust your org. As for the "external access" the settings in Teams admin portal look like this.


The second option refers to 'Skype consumer'

Ok thanks ill have a read.

Is this the best place to ask questions like this?

@Jeremy_Heath The community is a great place to ask questions. A lot of knowledge and experts in here :)

Sorry additional question.
Those 2 options you flagged in teams

From a security perspective how big a risk are they?
We have certain times when our Org needs to join other teams from companies we work for discussions etc.

Is allowing this classified as a big risk or not?

I'm just looking to keep us secure within the boundaries that we have to work to.

The second option seems to be more about domestic users, we only do business. So could we turn that off all together?

Many thanks for the help

@Jeremy_Heath No worries. As you say, it really comes down to your business needs and finding the suitable balance 'secure yet user friendly'. As for my own organization our policy prevents us from enabling the 'Skype consumer' feature so we only allow communication with Teams/Skype for business organizations (one toggle). In addition to that we also manage the list with allowed external domains.


Take a look at here for a overview on the topic external access and guest access to see how they differ.


'Communicate with users from other organizations in Microsoft Teams'