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Is it possible to add Data Loss Protection to an Exchange Online plan 1?


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No, I don't think so, you'd have to upgrade to an Exchange Online Plan 2 which does come with DLP as standard.  More details in the service description.


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Hi @Jason Gaffney,


@Cian Allner is correct, or you can upgrade to E3 plan also, depending the requirements.

and if you have done that, does anyone know how to get support?  I have had a ticket Ticket #301xx- open for almost a month and been getting responses that don't even look like they are to me.

  • The question revolves around DLP on Exchange and excluding outbound mail to particular domains (partners that we work with regularly or have TLS 1.2 connections with), inbound mail traffic and internal mail from being flagged?

Secondarily if there is a way of getting detail as to which rule has been tripped without including the PII data as that creates a further instance (of the PII) that we would need to provide protection for?