DKIM on new microsoft 365 tenant

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I have multiple tenants not being able to enable dkim, with the error "No DKIM keys saved for this domain". This problem is both on my and I have created the two cname dns records for selector1 + selector2.


Anyone got a tip ?


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Hi @sveist 


Just tried this with a domain I didn't have DKIM set up and just cliening enable after creating the DNS records. Might be worth running 

Get-DkimSigningConfig | Format-List


Might throw up some errors. has been helpful for me troubleshooting in the past in case you've not seen it.



Just tried the powershell command but it shows blank result. I'm pretty sure the domain is missing the dns settings for dkim, because if i check my settings with I get errors. Maybe I am to impatient, I created this tenant just 24 hours ago.


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Open a support case.

Hi @sveist


According to the link I posted, the * domain is handled by Microsoft and they sort out the keys automatically/DNS automatically. It is possible that the new tenant needs a bit more time to get everything all set up. Can take some time for the CNAMES to propagate as well.