DKIM on Microsoft 365 Personal (and Family)

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I have a Microsoft 365 Personal account (not Business) which I have set up with a personalised email address. An SPF DNS record was automatically set up by GoDaddy, but it did not set up a DKIM DNS record and outgoing email is not DKIM signed.


DKIM is an important measure to avoid spam filters these days, so when might we see Microsoft add this important feature to Microsoft 365 Personal (and Family)?

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I think you can post this feedback to Microsoft Feedback Portal - here


Awesome. If you haven't vote, kindly vote that feedback. It will help to increase the priority.
I've voted and commented, I hope it gets some attention at Microsoft.
The whole personalized email and aliased addresses feature is not marketinged well enough for people to know about it. Most people use the G to do something similar, if at all, and probably without proper account security measures. With Microsoft's passwordless login, it is much safer.
So, I added my vote and explanation to the feedback post.
Excellent, this is now by far the most commented issue on the feedback portal for Microsoft really should take note now.