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Has any one had this 


When attempting to enable DKIM on domains get error when enable Request: /api/DkimSigningConfig Status code: 500 Exception: System.Exception Exception message: Error publishing public key TXT record. Config was not created. Please try again. Diagnostic information: {Version:17.00.5314.006,Environment:WEUPROD,DeploymentId:0a223fef05be473ab4121e91b5b16715,InstanceId:WebRole_IN_4,SID:5599f39c-0fbc-4b82-8f7a-86ae88db9f10,CID:bd987216-88a1-4380-98a5-2eec65bc1b53} Time: 2020-09-16T15:03:05.7483006Z 

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Can you check your tenant service health? If everything looks good, you need to open a support ticket with Microsoft. I've seen it before for some of my clients and Microsoft support will fix it for you.