Distro group asking for the impossible?

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So a customer wants a distro group setup with email fuel@domaim.com and have several external users as members (contacts from within 365 admin) - This bit is easy 


However he does not want people who reply to the email i.e. reply to fuel@ to then get a copy of that reply. He has several competitors within the group and does not want each member to see the reply.

So as an example he might send a email to the fuel@ distro group with a subject of PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BEST PRICE and then the individual members each reply but as they are part of the group they will each receive a copy of the repsonse.


Is it possible in any way to have it so if someone replies to an email they received because they are members of a distro group to then not have that reply be seen by anyone other than a specific person within that group?


Hope that makes sense!

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Would your fuel@ list contain both internal and external people?

I think the only way to do that would be to have 2 lists and a transport rule to redirect the message.
Fuel@ and FuelInternal@

If sender outside the org and recipient is fuel@ > redirect to fuelinternal@

Would that work for you?


in fact your customer wants to send individual messages to distribution group members.
I doubt there exists a ready-to-use tool to do that. You can try to create a Power Automate flow that implements this functionality.