Displaying data from excel 365 on a website

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I have created a page here:


My source is a shared excel sheet in our SharePoint files space.  I would like to display the data from the top sheet to the website either as it is updated or on a time based interval.  I am currently using the tablespace plugin but it does not allow for the shared URL as an ingest point.


I need it to be accessible to my team as multiple people will be making updates to the sheet in order to keep the information current. So therefore I can not simply upload a static file to the site.

How can I use the data from my sheet in the excel workbook in SharePoint to populate the data on my WordPress site page?

EDIT: I did try the Embed link (File>Share>Embed)but it does not come up as a valid embed-able link in WordPress.
EDIT2: I was able to get it to embed but now it is requiring a Sharepoint login to view.
EDIT3: I have spent the better part of the last 2 hours looking for a solution to not require a SharePoint login. Every answer I can find is out of date or addresses it from a different entry point of view.

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Unfortunate not to get a single response on this. I will move to Google sheets.