disable reminder to shared calendar

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hello, i have shared clalendars, i see my workers calendars and thats ok.


i receive reminders for their appointments, whisvh thats not ok by me.


can i disable the reminders onlt for my workers calendars?

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Below are the steps on disable ALL alerts from specific Email account:


Disable Desktop Alerts in Outlook.

  1. Open Outlook, Click File > Options > Mail
  2. In the Message Arrival section, uncheck Display a Desktop Alert
  3. Click OK

Create a rule to trigger alerts for the Email account you want to display

  1. Open Outlook, Click File > Manage Rules and Alerts
  2. Make sure Inbox selected in Apply changes to this folder
  3. Click New Rule...
  4. Choose Apply rule on messages I receive and then click Next
  5. Uncheck any conditions and click Next.
  6. Click Yes to acknowledge the warning about the rule being applied to every mail message received
  7. Click "display a Desktop Alert" > Next > Next
  8. Provide a name for the rule and click Finish