Disable Microsoft Exchange Unnoticed Basic Authentication Protocols in One Go!

Yes, it's true! Microsoft leaves some Office 365 legacy services turned on, even if you turned off basic authentication protocols via Microsoft 365 admin center. 
The two Office 365 legacy protocols that are left uncared are:
  • AllowBasicAuthOutlookService and
  • AllowBasicAuthReportingWebServices.
But why does it really happen? Microsoft left turned on some reporting web services turned on to get access to Message tracking logs and more.
Therefore, these reporting web services will be enabled until December 31st. Importantly, there is no opt-out or re-enablement required.
However, if you do not want this basic authentication protocol to be turned on, Microsoft has provided a cmdlet solution. So, now disable all the Microsoft Exchange basic authentication protocols in one go, as suggested.
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