Disable MFA with only one global admin

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Hello everyone,

I am facing a serious issue. I am running a small tenant with only one global admin (me) and 2 users. MFA is active for all accounts. However, after changing my Smartphone I can't get the Authenticator App work again. I used my personal Microsoft Account to backup and restore my business accounts. But in order to get the Authenticator to work I need a QR code from within Security center inside my account. Fair enough, but I can't login to my account without the Authenticator to get that QR code. I don't get the option to use phone number. And there is no other Administrator. I am locked out of my own tenant now and there is no way to get into it, because I need the Authenticator to get the Authenticator work, but can only reactivate the Authenticator with a working Authenticator. I am stuck.

Can anyone assist?

Thanks in advance
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Hi @Avarus95,


in this case you must open a support ticket to get help from Microsoft directly as they can disable MFA for your account. I already had this issue some time ago and they were able to fix this (with a test tenant I wanted to delete but somehow the admin account also asked for MFA).

Thank you for your quick response. One question left: How can I open a support ticket if I am unable to log into my account and admin center?

Thanks a lot in advance :)

@Avarus95 you can contact Microsoft by phone as well:


Hopefully you have assigned a phone number in your admin profile. ;)