Deviation report for warehouse

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I work for a transport company where we want to use less paper.

For our staff on the terminal, we print out anything from 40-60pages daily of customers whom made orders with the different destination and volumes. The staff then checks this against the goods itself and if there is any deviation, they write it up on the papers and sums it up manually in Word, which they later send a email on to the dispatchers.

My imaginary solution would be to upload an excel-file (or place it in a specific map) to “Microsoft Lists” which contains all the orders from all the different customers, then the Power automate-apps somehow create some kind of link where you somehow can see all the orders both on the computer and an phone, select the customer, select the order and press it to select 4-5 different deviation types.

Once everything is done, press “done” and then it saves everything and generates an email with something like “The deviation report is done” and then we can access information either in “Lists” or an excel-file placed somewhere.

After that the dispatcher go through the deviations to contact the customers which are on the “Lists” and the we marked each order “done” somehow to see who did it internally.

Possible solutions for this?
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