Develop Outlook Web Addins that loads in the center like a Dialog


I am looking for an approach to develop a new Outlook web addins that works very similar to Intergrated Spam Reporting Addins in Outlook.


I am not developing this Addins to report spam email but for a different purpose but it should open a form like dialog where I can show some information from the selected email and push the data to D365 CRM Dataverse.


Please suggest.

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@Kidd_Ip Thanks for reply. The document link you shared seems to be only supported in Outlook desktop (not very sure).


My requirement is when I select an email in Outlook desktop or web on any device I should see an Addin button in the Ribbon and clicking on this should open a form/diaalog that opens in the center and I should be able to read selected email item properties and should be able to take some input from the user and submit data in D365 CRM.


This type of dialog basically I want open on click of my Addins.



Please suggest if Outlook form can be useful and this can be developed in C#/JS.