Deploy E3 on load balanced server

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Hello everybody,

I ask for clarification to those who are more experienced.

I have 4 Win 2012R2 servers in load balance + 2 independent TS, all servers have Office 2010 Pro installed.

I need to migrate to Office 365 E3 with licenses purchased in CSP. I read an article on the installation procedure where it talks about using a distribution tool and preparing a configuration file, the problem is that it is not clear to me if the installation procedure on multiple servers in load balance is the same as if it were a single server or not.

For example, with the "SharedComputerLicensing" parameter can I install on multiple rds servers in load balance?

If i will move one user from load balance to indipendent server could I have some license problem?

Thanks for your help


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Hello @andrew87 ,


The installation process for Office suite remains the same even if it is a load balanced environment, So you will have to install office on all the load balanced servers, you can put the setup files on a file share to avoid downloading the setup files again. The idea behind SharedComputerLicensing is to install an inactivated version of office on the server, the activation basically kicks in when the user logs in and ends when the user logs out; leaving behind an inactivated version of office for the next user to activate when he logs in. Here is an overview from MS for better understanding :



Thank you, I've tested O365 deployed on RDS server but when users open Office365 it asks to logon 365 account.
On our RDS server we use domain account synchronized to Exchange On Line so is there a method to use SSO on Office365 and can log in automatically for all users?

The feature you're looking for is Seamless SSO

ADFS SSO could also work but AAD S-SSO is easier and more efficient
Thank you AdminSean,
with ADFS (Hybrid) now activation it works without user interaction for activating Office, but when they open Outlook it asks credential login and if they insert mail and password it works but how can I avoid to show this form?
It shouldn't authenticate with SSO ?
If it's working for IE/Edge it should work for Outlook. Check out the computer settings requirements on the MS docs

I've done enabling modern authentication on Exchange OnLine , now all users can logon automatically with SSO already at the first time.


thanks for all support


Well done, nice to see it closed out