Delete all calendar appointments for a list of users using powershell

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Because of scheduling remote learning classes, the teachers has got numerous calendar events in their Teams calendar and its crashing the Teams app. Can somebody please help me with a powershell script to clear the calendar events for a list of users using input file (csv or txt).


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@muhamedrafeeq  This shouldn't happen. File a support incident with Microsoft to have them investigate why the calendar is causing a problem.

Hi guys,


I really need to remove the calendar events for many staffs (o365 mailbox). Can somebody share a powershell script to do the same ?




@muhamedrafeeq have you tried using the Remove-CalendarEvents script ?

Hi @Ardamilola ,


Yes I tried the Remove-CalendarEvents script, but I believe that script is for future meetings and I want to clear the past meeting entries too. Also I got to clear calendar events for around 1000+ users. So a script which calls the input list would be feasible.

Hi @muhamedrafeeq and @Ardamilola


Did you solve this problem? 

I'm facing the exactly problem here. 


I tried 

Remove-CalendarEvents -Identity -CancelOrganizedMeetings -Confirm:$false -verbose



Get-Mailbox -ResultSize Unlimited | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery "kind:meetings AND" -DeleteContent


But no success :(



The problem with Remove-CalendarEvents is that it's forward looking and I suspect that you want to remove events in the past. This can be done with the Search-Mailbox cmdlet using a command something like this:


Search-Mailbox -Identity MailboxtoSearch -SearchQuery 'Received:01-Jan-2019..15-Dec-2020 kind:meetings' -TargetFolder Searches -TargetMailbox AnotherMailbox -LogOnly -LogLevel Full


This command looks for calendar meeting events in a certain date range and creates a report in the target folder in the target mailbox. If you want to delete the items, run: 


Search-Mailbox -Identity MailboxtoSearch -SearchQuery 'Received:01-Jan-2019..15-Dec-2020 kind:meetings' -DeleteContent


Thank you @Tony Redmond  !


I issued this command


search-Mailbox -Identity -SearchQuery "kind:meetings" -DeleteContent -confirm:$false -Force


and Worked ! thank you for your time ! 


also I used -confirm:$false -Force because i needed to run in many users. 


Thanks Again ! Best Regards !