Delete account suggestion in new teams and new outlook

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 Someone used my laptop in the past to log into the office apps. Now i've noticed that the account still remains on my pc. I have already deleted the account in the settings. Ive tried to look for it in the registry but couldnt find it. I have also tried to delete all the office software and their appdata and reinstall them. The suggestion still remains when i want to log into the new teams, outlook or office 365. Can someone help me to find a way to remove it in the list of suggestions?



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Take a look on this for Windows:


Add or remove accounts on your PC - Microsoft Support


Thank you for your reply. I did all of that already yet the suggestion still remains when i log into the new teams and outlook.

@Chamo13 same here, tried everything, very annoying…

I decided to do a system restore to whipe all programs but keep my personal files. Its the only thing that worked. But i hope this is an issue that can be resolved in a less drastic way in the future.