Delegating color pallete across 365 organization

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Hello to all,


I have created a custom color scheme for Office apps (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) based on our brand colors. Also, I have set our corporate fonts.


Is it possible (and how) to set this color scheme and corporate fonts to be the default for

  • all existing users in our organization
  • every future user that logs into our 365.

Currently, we do this manually by remotely connecting to each user's PC and setting it locally. I would like to automatize it if possible so that once created color scheme and font can be set as a default on an organizational level (for all users) so that when they are creating new documents, this will be automatically set as the default. 


The idea is also to make it future-proof so that if something needs to be changed (e.g. one color in the color palette), we can change it for all users at once.





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