Delegate management of shared contacts

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Hi All,

I am struggling with one problem:

I am using the the contact list under  Users - Contacts in the M365 console to capture customers etc. which we share across all the users. So far I managed them centrally with the Exchange Admin but I would like to delegate this to my users.

So far, I did a lot of research but did not find a way to do that.

Is this possible?

Thank you


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If you are storing the contacts in your personal (or any other) mailbox, you can delegate folder-level permissions to the corresponding folders. Both read-only and edit access are supported, and for best experience consider delegating the default Contacts folder, instead of a custom (sub)folder.
Hi Vasil,
thank you for your feedback.
I did not use a custom folder or a shared mailbox. Exchange Online offers the ability to have a shared contact list (at least that's how I interpret it). In the Admin console under Users - Contacts you can add contacts which are seen by all the users in the Tenant. I would like to delegate this management.
Thank you
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That's an admin only functionality, as the objects are created/managed on the directory level. The minimum role you will need to assign the users in order to manage contacts in the M365 admin center is User administrator. If you use the Exchange admin center, you can go more granular.