Defender macOS onboarding issue, configuration profile has unknown PayloadType for MDM deployment

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We are currently trying to deploy Microsoft Defender to macOS devices using the "Mobile Device Management/Microsoft Intune" deployment method using Apple Business Manager/Essentials and are running into the following issue. "The configuration profile contains a payload with an unknown type "<>". Make changes and re-upload your file."

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 2.46.20 PM.png

We've successfully deployed Defender to the macOS devices with a custom package with the necessary permissions to have it install and be able to scan if the devices are onboarded with other means such as the bash script provided for "Local Script (for up to 10 devices)" deployment, however, we run into the issue above when trying to upload the configuration profile/.mobileconfig and deploying it to give the devices a license and onboard them.

Has anyone else run into this issue, or knows a way to get around this so that we can upload this .mobileconfig file?

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