Default to be set as Calibri

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Hi all, 


I would like to ask for some advise as I need to change the default font in Outlook for all users in the tenant.

I found this article -> Default fonts and styles for Outlook via Intune - Joey Verlinden

It appears to be fine, I just wanted to confirm what I need to change in the Remediation script as the guy has not marked it on the picture and it is bit unclear (I'm new in these PS scripts and does not have the proper experience and view so may be this is the issue).


So,  in the first pic, he mentioned ->  "All you have to do is copy the binary string for “ReplyFontComplex” into the field for $Value1 and the binary string for “ComposeFontComplex” into $Value2 in the following script", is that mean that I need to add the exported value into the fields in RED below:



In regards the second script, where exactly I need to add the values I exported, "You only need to insert the simple values once" but the simple ones actually is only ONE as far as I can see below:




Thanks for your help!

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