Dedicated click-drag space to move office app window

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In previous versions of office apps, there was blank space in the very top to be able to click+drag the app around the screen.  In office 365, new buttons and fields were added that take up almost all this space, making it very difficult to find a blank spot to click+drag on anymore.  This makes it difficult to move the window around on a desktop, particularly when I've resized that window to be smaller. 


Please add a dedicated spot that users can click-drag to move the window of all office applications that doesn't disappear when the window is resized.

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Agreed, it is very annoying to not be able to reposition windows, something that has worked the same for 30 years is now broken.


It's especially irksome because the space is wasted.. I'm not going to the title bar to look for "upcoming features" or "my benefits". It's now just a placement space for advertisements. 

There is a spot I've found, to the right of help where you can grab the window. When you resize, there's a small space left as buttons disappear off screen. Not intuitive.


Actually, even that trick does not always work: When the window is just big enough for the buttons to appear to the right of "Help," then even that space is unavailable. The only way I can drag the window in that case is to click on the small area between the the application icon on the left and "Autosave."


What is the logic in making it next to impossible to drag an Office window?

@Brian_Krause , I agree, this is probably the most annoying loss of function caused by redesign of the ribbon. Also a source of wasted time. I have looked for hacks to remedy this problem, including searching for a command icon for this purpose, to place in the customized ribbon. Adding 2 consecutive separators to create a "protected" space didn't work. I have found that the most reliable location to place the pointer that enables dragging is the 2 mm of space in the ribbon just below the file name.

100% agree. Edge is also a pain. Every day moving windows has become frustrating and wastes my time. Terrible. Please add dedicates space in title bar as suggested. Or permit right click and drag to move in the title bar, but better to reinstate this function IMO as James Adair stated this has worked since WFW3.11. I do not think this issue was intended, just not considered.