Deactivate Teams for a SharePoint Online site




One of my clients have a sharePoint site where we tried to remove the ability(minimize it) to active Teams for that SharePoint page. Now someone has managed to activate Teams for that sharepoint page and when the person realized that they had done it they tried to remove the teams in the windows client wich also marked the SharePoint page for Deletion which took a while to figure out as he did the same thing again when we restored the SharePoint site in SharePoint Admin.


What i wonder is, is there anyway to remove / deactivate Teams for that SharePoint site without it getting removed ?

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Hi, AFAIK not possible today.
Nope, not that I’ve ever seen


you may want to restrict access. And you can deactivate for the team being visible in the address search and or remove it from being visible via outlook/exchange.


I'm not 100% sure about whether you can go to the active directory and delete the group while still keeping the SharePoint site.